Accounts Preparation

Preparation of Accounts and Tax Returns is the core service people come to Accountants to provide and we ensure this is done in a timely and efficient manner to ensure filing on time to avoid penalties.

We encourage clients to let us have their information as soon as they can following the end of their financial year. This enables us to prepare their accounts as early as possible to ensure the business can react quickly and efficiently to any information the accounts may highlight. This gives the maximum possible time to plan for any tax liabilities which may be due or to submit any repayment claims to HM Revenue and Customs at the earliest opportunity.

Our Accounts preparation service includes:

Ø Preparation of Statutory Accounts in compliance with current UK Accounting Standards and

the Companies Act, Including filing the accounts online.

Ø Calculation of corporate tax liabilities, advising on tax reduction strategies and submitting

relevant returns to HM Revenue and Customs.

Ø Auditing your business financial statements and providing internal accounting system reviews

to identify areas to improve financial security and performance

Ø Accounts preparation for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

Ø Preparation of management accounts.

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