Profitcents by Sageworks

Profitcents by Sageworks is an information service that we offer to our clients, it is a set of financial analysis products to help you make sense of your company's year end data.
Profitcents is a web-based financial analysis software that enables us to turn financial statements into plain language written reports.  The reports use ratio and trend analysis as well as industry comparisons to analyse a business client's financial health.
We can distinguish your practice, attract and retain the best clients, and discover consulting and business advisory opportunities using Profitcents. Automate analytical procedures and standardise compliance with risk assessment and professional standards.
Featured Products
Snapshot Extreme
We can produce Snapshot, which is the most popular Profitcents report; it includes a comprehensive business analysis of text, graphs, ratios, trends, industry comparisons and common size statements.  Sometimes, this report is used for business clients who want detailed financial analysis.
Profitcents Analytical Procedures
We can produce Analytical Procedures, this report is the most detailed and is commonly used for saving 4-8 hours per engagement. It includes a comprehensive analysis of text, graphs, ratios, trends, industry comparisons and an analytical procedures documentation worksheet.
We can also produce Counsellor, which is a comprehensive financial analysis suite that empowers us to create clear reports in order for you to make timely and accurate credit decisions.  The goal of the technology is to reduce origination costs and increase accuracy in the credit decision making process.