Benefits Checklist

This is the new checklist for Benefits.
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Checklist for expenses and benefits from employment
Review of benefits and expenses Yes No N/A
1 Have all reportable benefits and expenses payments been identified and reported? 
2 Have all vouchers, credit/debit cards or other cards given to directors or employees been reported appropriately?
3 If any directors or employees have employment related loans, has
beneficial loan interest been reported appropriately?      
4 Have any loans waived or written off during the period been taxed or reported as necessary?
5 Have all company vehicles available for private use been identified?      
6 Has the correct list price been used to calculate the car benefit charge?      
7 Have all van benefit charges been reported?      
8 Have any company vehicles made available to a member of the directors' or employees' family or household been reported
9 If a car or van is regarded as pooled have all the necessary conditions been met? 
10 If fuel is provided for company vehicles has the correct fuel benefit 
charge been reported?      
11 Where a director or employee uses their own vehicle for business 
journeys, have all mileage payments which exceed the approved 
amount been reported?      
12 If an Employee Car Ownership Scheme arrangement has been used, have 
all of the necessary conditions been met?      
Travel, subsistence and entertainment
13 Have payments for travel and subsistence been reviewed and reported appropriately?
14 If travel and subsistence payments have been made for travel to a 
temporary workplace, have all the conditions been met?      
15 Has the cost of entertaining been reported appropriately?      
16 Have all staff functions been reviewed to ensure that they qualify as exempt from tax?
Personal bills Yes No N/A
17 Have all directors' or employees' personal bills been identified and 
treated appropriately?      
18 Have all payments made for household expenses been reported?      
Use or transfer of assets
19 If there is any private use of mobile phones or devices has this been dealt 
with appropriately?      
20 If the employer provides living accommodation has the benefit been 
reported appropriately?      
21 Has the annual value of the use of land and buildings (other than living accommodation) placed at the directors' or employees' disposal 
been reported?
22 Has the annual value of the use of any asset (other than land and 
buildings) placed at the directors' or employees' disposal been reported?      
23 If an asset has been transferred to a director or employee has the correct value been used?
24 Has the residual cost of any in-house benefits, for example goods or 
services provided by the employer been reported?